School Games Federation of India envisions providing a robust, vibrant and holistic physical education & school sports activity that will engender excellence in school sports sector in India. Federation commits itself to provide quality physical education to promote healthy competition, social and cultural vivacity amongst athletes. S.G.F.I. is also committed to develop the character & personality amongst the school athletes. Through coaching, training and championships S.G.F.I. commits itself to create an environment which will empower the future youngsters to become global leaders in the emerging sports world. S.G.F.I. commits itself to conduct transparent & healthy competition amongst the school athletes for the physical welfare of school athletes by providing them continuous training through coaching camp and comprehensive evaluation through tournaments. S.G.F.I. envisions creating Dope-free and harassment-free playing environment so that the athletes would become competent, confident and responsible citizen to promote peace, harmony, national integration and unity in the nation through sports.