Four main punches make up the majority of your boxing arsenal: the jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Each of these has variations for different target areas and ranges, but your bag and pad work revolves around these four basic weapons. To develop your technique, cardio and coordination at the same time, you can string these moves into a 10-punch combination. Vary your speed, power and rest period between combos, depending on what you want to work on.


Deliver a jab with your left hand. Punch straight out at head height, while keeping your right hand next to your chin.

Follow this with a right cross, again aiming for the head. Punch in a straight line from your chin, where your right hand should be, and the opponent's head. Rotate your hips counter-clockwise as you do this: The majority of your power comes from the hips rather than the arm. Your back foot should also turn to accommodate the rotation in your hips. At the same time your right hand is punching, pull your left hand back to protect your chin.

Throw a left hook. Raise your left elbow to shoulder height, with the angle between your upper arm and your forearm at 90 degrees. Rotate your hips clockwise, swinging your arm in a circular motion towards the opponent's jaw. Your front foot should also turn. Keep your right hand by your chin for protection.

Hook with your right arm, remembering to protect your chin with your left hand as you do so.

Uppercut with your left by dropping your left hand and bending your knees, then punch upward as though you're aiming for the chin, pushing off from your legs. Don't drop your hand more than 3 or 4 inches. The hips and front foot also rotate clockwise slightly though the movement isn't as large as with the hook.

  • Uppercut with your right to the chin.
  • Hook with your left to the body. Use the same technique as previously, just aim lower.
  • Hook with your right to the body.
  • Uppercut with your left to the body, aiming for the ribs.
  • Uppercut with your right to the body again aiming for the ribs.