For the first time in the history of ISF, World Schools Championship (WSC) in badminton was being held in India.

The WSC was organised by the School Games Federation of India in cooperation with the Government of Maharashtra under an aegis of ISF.

The event was also supported by Kinder+Sport programme with an aim of bringing the Joy of Moving among the young badminton players taking part in a week long championship.

From April 19-25, young players gathered in Pune, the city also known as the birthplace of Poona - the term used for the sport before defining badminton as the official name.

The aim of the event was supporting education through sport, meaning youth was not only competing, but also getting to know the legacy and the culture the host city and the country have to offer.  


Young athletes, year of birth 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, met on April 19 and competed over a course of 6 days.

The event was set up as a team competition with 2 categories; selected and schools teams.
Schools: students are from the same school.
Selected: students are from the same country but necessary from the same school. 


15 countries, from 3 continents registered for the championship: United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Italy, Georgia, France, England, Czech Republic, Croatia, Chinese Taipei, China, Bulgaria, Brazil and Belgium Flanders,Greece,India.

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